Picture: Amy Sansom
Hi, I’m Amy

I have an MSc in Multimedia and Web and 5+ years experience in commercial web development – so I have a solid grounding in front-end development (HTML 5/CSS3) with jQuery, and CMS set-up/theming. I love a good tinker around. My passion is for usable, interactive, open-source sites and great design.

Social Media
I’ve signed up to more social media sites than you can shake a stick at – if there’s something important happening in the realms of social media, I’ll know about it. I get a kick out of analysing user statistics and can advise when to post, where to post, and what you should post. I also have an MA (Hons) in English so I’m pretty adept at copywriting and SEO.

Professionally, I’ve covered events and assisted at wedding photography so far. Currently my passion lies in architecture and nature photography – however, I’m currently experimenting with some more interesting ideas with portraiture and lighting.