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Facebook tagging bug

For the last week or so, it seems that Facebook tagging on Pages has been broken for me – Mr Droogle posts a “Business View Tour of the Day” daily (obviously) and this should mean tagging the appropriate business in the post, however, recently, no matter how many times I try to tag them, they just don’t appear in the popup.

Posting a link to the profile didn’t work, writing @ followed by the client name didn’t work – it would just suggest some other, incorrect, Pages. I searched the Help pages and found a bunch of people all having the same issue. Some claimed adding in the URL of the Page would add the link correctly (it just adds a link), others claimed different methods worked – none worked for me.

Then I happened upon a link on Twitter – someone was having the same issue and had worked out a (hacky but successful) way around it by editing the source code of the textarea.

The article with the fix – “Top tip: How to force a Facebook Tag in an Update” by Andrea Vahl

When you add a tag it adds in some JSON with the Graph API data for that object, and it turns out you can just change the ID to the desired Page tag (you can leave all the rest of the data the same – it will change automatically) and it will appear as the correct details when you hit “Post”.


I can’t believe that Facebook haven’t noticed this bug – it seems pretty sloppy of them.