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Posting to Twitter from Facebook

These days everyone is busy, and we all know it takes a lot of effort to run social media for a business (while also trying to run said business). It may seem like maintaining numerous social media accounts is too much effort, and often particular accounts get left by the wayside if they are found to be less effective – while, some don’t get the attention they deserve, and some just get neglected. Leaving an account unattended for long periods of time gives a pretty bad impression to potential customers – imagine it as being like leaving your customers unattended in a shop with no staff in sight.

A common solution is to set up Facebook to post to Twitter automatically. However, while it’s nice to save a bit of time (and automation is a fantastic way to do that), there’s not really much point in doing it if it won’t work to your advantage – and might actually be detrimental to your brand. I’d equate this to having only self-service tills in your shop and no one to help when there’s a problem.

There’s a couple of drawbacks of using Facebook to post to Twitter:

  • Images aren’t posted – this is a big one. There are stats readily available everywhere that will tell you that people pay more attention when a tweet is accompanied by an image.
  • If you’re relying on the image to convey the content, and there’s no accompanying text (e.g. you’ve put competition details in a banner image) then all you end up posting to twitter is a link – which could be extremely detrimental as it appears quite spammy. twitterThe other issue with this type of post is that search engines like text – they can’t read text from images, so it’s pretty bad practice from a SEO perspective too – and you really want your content to reach as far as possible.
  • If you’re not writing your content with Twitter in mind (as well as Facebook) then your tweet may come across as ‘clickbaiting’. This is when someone posts a potentially exciting or enticing comment but relies entirely on the user clicking on the link in order to find out exactly what they’re referring to. It’s a practice commonly used by spammers or tabloid news websites – and many people find it particularly irritating. It also relies on the user being so interested that they click on the link to find out more – it’s much better to just give them the information straight up and pique their interest that way.

A better way to automate posts is to do it via a social media management tool e.g. Buffer or Hootsuite – this way you can post to basically all your social media accounts. They often have the addtional benefit of better analytics on your posts – so you can monitor what’s performing well for you. It also takes you out of the mindset of posting to one particular medium and should eliminate the risk of writing content which is fine for one medium and detrimental to another.