I suspected the twitter feed on my website was broken the other day when I was fidgetting – it wasn’t displaying posts at all. It turned out the social feeds plugin had decided to wipe my API keys for some reason (I updated it recently and assumed it’d save settings during the update – apparently not). However, in the process of getting the keys from twitter I stumbled upon their latest project – Fabric. (Bit of an odd name but let’s not ask questions.)

Fabric is apparently a cross-platform mobile app development suite they’ve developed. It promises to streamline mobile app development and looks quite spiffing if it’s anything like the website. ¬†According to the project page it says they’ve made it really modular – with the ability to add more modules later as you need them.

Has anyone used it? Is it any good? I recently had a go at making my own android app (and didn’t enjoy the experience much given that the same install issues seem to exist as when I tried last time about 3 years ago).

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