Limit on adding to circles in Google+

I recently started maintaining the Mr Droogle social media outlets – along with it, the Google+ account. I’ve never really been much of a fan of Google+ but the SEO benefits are undoubtable so it’s definitely advised for businesses and anyone who wants to be found online. I found that when I was logged in as the business account I would only be able to add a maximum of 3 people/businesses to my contact “circles” before I received the message:

google plus

After a few days I found this got a bit irritating – expanding your circles is a great way to increase your post views – and I’d already found out that the limit was supposed to be 50 not 3.

The solution?

It turns out that Google+ looks for a specific amount of account interaction before it will let you add 50 accounts to your circles per day. Basically, while we’d been posting daily, we hadn’t been liking or commenting on enough posts for Google’s liking. If you’re not interacting with enough people then their theory is that you may be a spam account. (Admittedly, I’d have thought pretty much the opposite – that commenting too much would be considered spammy but never mind.)

So, basically, you just need to like more posts with your account and then magically, the limit will be removed. Arguably, Google should probably make this a bit more obvious in the error message because it’s not obvious and there’s a bunch of people in the help forums asking why this is happening to them too.

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